Unsere Zeit in Japan; eine Perspektiv von mir ;-)

Es war sehr schön, dass ich mit meiner Familie über das Weihnachten und auch den Jahresanfang zusammen bleiben konnte.

Wie immer konnte ich nicht so lang in Japan bleiben. Allerdings hatte ich viel Spaß mit ihnen und Fabian.


Ich konnte nicht mehr warten.. SUSHIIIIII ! Obwohl waren wir wirklich erschöpft, sind wir zum Sushiessen noch am gleichen Tag als unsere Ankunft gegangen. 😉 Ja genau, wir sind noch jung.. Ermm.. Dann wurde ich immer noch jung.. ;-P

Dann kommt noch…

OKINAWAAAAA! Oh Mann.. Es war ziemlich warm.. Ich vermisse Sommerrrrrrr

Aber das ist auch schön, dass es vier verschiedene Jahreszeit gibt, oder? 四季♪

Dieses Mal haben wir eine Kultural-Geschihitlichereise von Okinawa gemacht. Ein bisschen mehr über Okinawa zu wissen, sehen, führen, und verstehen. Es gab so viel zu lernen und bedenken.

Okinawa ist der Ort, wo ich immer zurückgehen möchte. Die Leuten, die Natur, das Essen, das Wetter, und die Stimmung.. wo die Zeit vergeht langsam und schweigend zu leben.. ❤

Dann kommt noch …


Ein schöner Vogel an der Wand. ❤


神楽坂でお散歩してたら、ドイツを見つけちゃいました〜♪ な〜んて奇遇なっ!!!


そして、またまた神楽坂(♪)の美味しいお茶屋さんのほうじ茶のいい香りにつられて。。たくさん美味しいお茶を購入しちゃいました〜♪ ドイツでも美味しく頂こうっと♪♪


彼の着物は、クリスマスプレゼントとしてあげたんだけど、すごく喜んでくれて嬉しかったです 🙂

Wir sind auch nach Izu und Atami gegangen. Das Raum, wo wir geblieben sind, mit Tatami an dem Boden war.. A scent of Tatami always reminds me of my grandfather; it calms me down and so easily fullfil my heart. Ahhhh what a wonderful scent.. My “ほっとする” moments.

Aaaaand yes, with wonderful meals too (-;

1: I was craving for a wonderful seafood meals

2: I wanted to support local markets, and enjoy their local meals

so we simply went to a restaurant where they offer fresh local seafoods. Aaaaand.. VOILÀ! The ネギトロ丼(ネギ抜き;アレルギーだから) was one of the bests I had ever had in my life.. Thank you Atami, Thank you!!!!!!

And the artistic pieces .. Pffff Japan.. oioioi 😉 ❤

江戸のれんにも行きました♪ 本当に、食べたいものを食べたいだけ食べた旅。。本当にそう。。!!!!!!(;;)まあ、良しとしよう!!美味しくいただきました! ご馳走様でした。

ということで、たくさん食べました!の報告でした 😛 hehe

Ja ich habe wirklich viel in Japan gegessen, aber alles war sehr lecker. Jetzt soll ich abnehmen.. hahja, morgen morgen ;-P








For second time we spent some days on beautiful (read: warm) Okinawa. Right after our arrival, even before checking in to the hotel, we did some sightseeing in our private taxi which picked us up directly from the airport. The jungle-like place was a holy place.

Okinawa is famous for its sugar cane, which is freshly pressed everywhere. With such a refreshment, we went on to a cave which hosted a café and we joined a tour about the adjacent “riverbed”, which was also… hmm… a holy place. Sorry, my Japanese let me down a little bit. Let’s settle on that it was an important location 😉 Actually, I even learnt a few words. Most importantly: 根っ子 (nekko). Our guide was constantly talking about “neko”, and I was wondering where he was seeing the cat while pointing on what was obviously a tree. Well ya… while “neko” (猫) means “cat”, the (for my ears only slightly) differently pronounced “nekko” (根っ子) means “root”. In hindsight it made a lot more sense 😀

Eventually we had some great dinner and finally checked in to the hotel – which surprisingly was even LGBT friendly. Very rare in Japan. Not so rare: The hotel was equipped for literally every eventuality. Also not rare: A bathroom which was just big enough for me to somehow fit in.

The next morning I got up quite early and did a solo trip through the still dark city. I also went to the market where Yumi and I had spent quite some time during our last trip to Okinawa. This time it was still closed, but not less photogenic.

Afterwards I returned to the hotel and we had an awesome breakfast with a huge selection of Okinawan, Japanese and Western dishes. Well, and in between Yumi’s parents and I had to call the hotel staff to let me in to the room, because my sleeping beauty would not wake up despite my hammering against the door. I had not taken a key with me, expecting that she would wake up anyway for breakfast.

We then boarded our rental car and rushed off to a kind of “adventure park”, where Yumi could attend a Sanshin class (Okinawan guitar), while I attended a snake show – and left very early, because the poor animals were definitely not treated in a very nice way… Okinawa’s most famous snake is “habu” (波布), a type of viper. Very seldom will you see it (I never did outside the show), but people talk so much about it that you actually start feeling that they are everywhere. The shop sign in the photo below reads “pikapika” (ピカピカ). It can mean “glittering” or “sparkling”, but it’s also the sound which Pokémon “Pikachu” makes. I played this game as a child and probably only I find it funny to read “Pikapika” on a sign, but well…

Later we enjoyed some Okinawan sweets in a specialized store. For me it’s always funny to see that things are advertised with something like “as seen on TV”. While it would totally turn me off (“wow, how touristic”), for many Japanese(?) customers it seems to be a proof of quality (“wow, it was even featured on TV”). Eventually we marvelled at the beautiful sunset.

Dinner was in the same restaurant as we had been last year – life show and great food. I filled everybody’s glasses with the water which was provided in the bottle on the table. Or so we thought. With the first sip we realized that it was actually some pretty strong spirit. Mamasan decided that of course we can’t throw away the good liquid and so the evening turned quite… funny 😀 An elderly man at the neighbouring table spoke a bit of English (and Thai – so we threw some Thai words on each other 😉 ) and left me a nice message when he left. Maybe being a bit shy,  he asked his niece to read it to me, but I was very happy and thanked him personally.

We finished our stay in Okinawa with visits to a UNESCO heritage and some historical sites. Very nice trip! … By the way: The picture with the “flat brown thing” wearing yellow sunglasses is some kind of meat. Enough said.

The colorful strings hanging from the small shrine-like structure are known as Senbazuru (千羽鶴), or Thousand Origami Cranes. Often done as a school class project, they are thought to promote longevity and health.

My Japanese song recommendation of today: サカナクション – バッハの旋律を夜に聴いたせいです


Un día en la primera semana de nuestras vacaciones fuimos al parque Kairakuen en Mito, que es la capital de la prefectura Ibaraki. Es un parque extraordinariamente famoso, sobre todo por sus ciruelos que igual a los cerezos tienen flores muy bonitas. Aunque no fue la temporada cuando florezcan, fue un tour bastante agradable.


… y bien combinado con este reporte de viaje a Japón, una canción japonesa recomendada:



La nieve llegó a Alemania. Comparado con las últimas tres semanas que pasamos en Japón, ahora hace mucho frío aquí en Alemania (alrededor de 15 grados bajo cero…). Pero la naturaleza se ve muy bonita así en blanco.


Cena internacional

Japón, Guatemala, Francia, Alemania, Italia, Taiwan, Iraq… cena realmente internacional – y divertida!


Mercado navideño de Estrasburgo

El fin de semana pasado fuimos por un día al famoso mercado navideño de Estrasburgo – uno de los más grandes de Europa. Lo que me gustó fue que de hecho no era un mercado gigante, sino más bien muchos mercadillos chicos.


De vuelta en cas todavía nos comimos unas galletas navideñas hechas de mi abuelita – día perfecto.



The true purpose of winter

In Japanese there’s the saying “Shoku yoku no Aki”, which roughly translates to “Autumn is the season for eating”. If this is already the case for autumn, then what in winter? Well, at least for me it definitely does not fall short. Enjoying food so much, like for example:


  • Yumis homemade Christmas cookies. They are wonderful! Just the right sweetness, not too soft, not too tough, with passion for detail in every single piece – be it the small heart on the cute sheep, the green tea sprinkles on the filigree swans, the coquettish dip of chocolate on the stars…
  • And Yumi also found the perfect chocolate for me. There are already chili-chocolates on the market, but the ratio is so imbalanced, that you could equally omit the chili. Now, the chocolate dipped chili pepper is a totally different story!
  • Wood-grilled Scandinavian salmon – so moist, yet crunchy!
  • And of course grandma’s quince jelly – now that’s preserved autumn in winter. Shoku yoku no Aki 🙂